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All Inclusive resorts

In the recent years, with the rapid development of tourism in the world, a strong popularity was gained by the […]

Antarctic cruise

The majestic Antarctica, all in sun and ice, raw primal nature, fresh air, bright contrasting colors! This is not just […]

All Inclusive hotels

The best hotels in the world of all-inclusive offer guests to leave the annoying problems related to accommodation and matters, […]

Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam is a relatively new destination, recently opened for mass tourism. Exotic ancient monuments of Vietnamese history, temples, cultural and […]

Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

French Polynesia is one of the most fascinating corners of the French possessions and Tetiaroa is the most picturesque atoll […]

Playa Carrizalillo

Puerto Escondido is a popular Mexican beach resort, visited by many tourists from around the world. It slightly reminds of […]

Palermo, Sicily

Palermo is a famous Italian city and the administrative center of Sicily – the most densely populated island in the […]

From Martinique to Dominican Republic

When the harsh and cold winter comes, tourists, adoring the sun, sea and sand get directed to popular tropical destinations […]

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the city that laid the foundations of today’s Republic of South Africa. The city is very beautiful, […]